Friday, November 4, 2022

What I'm Watching: Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary: Season 2, Episode 7 “Attack Ad” (B+)

I feel like this show’s episodes often begin with its teachers hopelessly unaware of what is happening around them, not yet equipped for the latest new challenge but already annoyed to have to deal with it. Starting with Jacob’s iffy gossip given to Gregory during an intense game of Red Light, Green Light (though considerably less intense than the one featured on “Squid Game”) was a misdirect, and instead, each of them, Barbara aside, had their worst moment used against them in that condescending commercial. When even Ava is on the same side as the people who are good at their jobs, it’s clear there’s a crisis, though Melissa’s lawyer friend was initially ready to help before she realized that they had signed over all their rights and might even owe the camera crew $200. It’s amusing to have a brief acknowledgment of this show’s mockumentary nature, with everyone assuming that the camera crew had been their team and not Draemond getting ready to take down Abbott. His reverence for Barbara might have stopped him briefly, but he seems set on converting the place that didn’t help him get anywhere into the opposite of what all the teachers, Barbara included, want. It is fun to see Leslie Odom Jr. though, and I imagine he’ll be back after this. Tariq’s return was predictable, and it was good to see Janine made the right call on her own to cancel dinner, but lashing out at Gregory for interfering means that eventual relationship just gets kicked down the road even more.

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