Saturday, November 5, 2022

What I’m Watching: Home Economics

Home Economics: Season 3, Episode 7 “Model Train Set, $150” (B+)

In the opening moments of this episode, I had forgotten the bombshell discovery from the previous installment that served as the reason that adults needed to get the kids to go to the playground. I enjoyed Connor bribing them with $20 each and commending Kevin on his entrepreneurial asks before realizing that he may have accidentally given him $400. There was no way this was going to come out easily, but both Tom and Sarah failed miserably in communicating what they needed to to their father before Connor just blurted it out. He didn’t seem all that startled but was intent on keeping it from his wife forever, something that wasn’t so easy when she found the script in the trash. Her response was most entertaining for how she phrased things with the words divorcing and separating, sending all three of her children into a miserable panic, and she was happy to admit to her own misdeeds after chastising her husband for his overzealous enthusiasm for giving money to celebrities who ask when they’re clearly not who they say they are. Marina’s desire to help Denise get things taken care of in her apartment nearly made it all much worse, but then they teamed up with their cookies and legal knowledge to successfully intimidate Denise’s landlord into getting to work on some major fixes for fear of a unionized rent strike. All they needed was to eat an entire stick of butter while they were doing it, the last time they’ll need to not pee during that process.

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