Wednesday, November 2, 2022

What I’m Watching: The White Lotus (Season Premiere)

The White Lotus: Season 2, Episode 1 “Ciao” (B)

It’s crazy to think that this show only started just over a year ago, and that it took on such a tremendous popularity that it got renewed for a second season. I had the pleasure of speaking with nine of the cast members, and I hope to have the same opportunity with some of the new faces on this season. I went in not expecting to recognize almost anyone, but of course there’s Aubrey Plaza from “Parks and Recreation,” F. Murray Abraham from “Homeland,” Haley Lu Richardson from “Support the Girls,” Michael Imperioli from “The Sopranos,” and Theo James from “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” Emmy winner Jennifer Coolidge is back as Tanya, which makes some sense given how popular and funny she was, though of course it’s a questionable idea given that her role is different here and might not be able to live up to what season one delivered. Starting fresh might have made more sense, though this season already feels like something new given the staff speaking Italian and just generally being in a very different kind of environment. There’s a mystery related to a dead person again, and hopefully little time will be spent on just who that is, as was the case in season one. I’m most intrigued by Mia and Lucia, the two local women who are causing plenty of trouble for the already frazzled Valentina, who is less capable of exhibiting a friendly demeanor than Armond was. I’ll try not to compare the two seasons too much since that surely won’t be helpful, but we’ll see how episode two holds up to this one.

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