Monday, November 14, 2022

Take Three: The Calling

The Calling: Season 1, Episode 3 “The Horror” (B)

This show, and the primary case especially, continues to offer new twists. Dania was upset with Zack that he knew things about Vincent that he hadn’t shared with Avi, but then by the end of the episode, it turned out that Dania was the one who had had a much more intimate relationship with Vincent, something that Zack knew about all along because Vincent had told him. There’s a lot more to that couple and their involvement with Vincent, and they’re hiding just as much from each other as they are from the police. Zack’s constant repeating of “I do not like where you and I are at” is ominous and suggestive of his likelihood to do something bad to try to either right things or make an escape from it all. Earl is still hellbent on pinning all of this on John, and his discovery that John knew Vincent didn’t make him feel any better about his prime suspect. I appreciate the specificity of the interactions that Avi and Janine continue to have, like with Avi claiming he needed a minyan of ten men to pray and Janine pointing out that he had already stopped twice to pray on the drive. She also knew that there must be a more liberal shul - not a temple, as he corrected - where she could come with him, and that the Torah tells you to worship with the stranger thirty-six times, meaning that he had to be open with her. This has been an interesting introduction to this show and I very much enjoyed speaking with both Jeff Wilbusch and Michael Mosley, and I may continue watching the rest of the season at a later date.

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