Thursday, November 10, 2022

What I’m Watching: The White Lotus

The White Lotus: Season 2, Episode 2 “Italian Dream” (B+)

It’s taking a bit of time to acclimate to this new cast and new location, but I am seeing the appeal and enjoying it as I begin to understand who these people are. After seeing Tanya clutch on to an annoyed Greg as he drove them on a Vespa, it was good to see an unexpected twist in their relationship, revealing that he’s been lying the entire time and actually coming home to another person. Now that she’s overheard, I’m hoping that she’ll team up with someone else to exact revenge on him, which should be a delight to watch. Lucia and Mia are enjoying the privileges and luxuries they’ve been afforded at the hotel thanks to an all-too-amenable Dominic, but he’s getting such condescending pressure from his father to save his marriage that this all can’t end well. I like the relationship that’s developing between Portia and Albie, both of whom are dealing with wild personalities who are dominating the time they’re spending in Italy. It’s hard not to be most enticed by Harper thanks to Aubrey Plaza’s terrific performance, and I especially enjoyed how she reacted to walking in on Ethan and then having her time-of-day sex preferences broadcasted to people who don’t like her and who she doesn’t like just as much. I don’t think I properly appreciated Valentina in the first episode, as her exchange with Dominic about how Lucia and Mia would be sleeping with his father was certainly one of the highlights of this installment, and I’m sure her unapologetic sarcasm will be back in successive episodes.

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