Saturday, November 12, 2022

What I’m Watching: Andor

Andor: Season 1, Episode 10 “One Way Out” (B+)

I see people raving about this episode and how incredible it was, and while I did find it to be pretty good, I still don’t understand the wondrous acclaim that this show is receiving. Andor ending up in this prison sort of came out of nowhere, and now he was able to engineer a massive escape which involved him telling everyone the truth and Kino yelling definitively that no one was getting out. Having the floor electrified nearly made their escape impossible, but then they were able to do it. Seeing and hearing the skinny guy behind the announcements was eye-opening, and the most memorable part of the whole thing was them all jumping into the water before Kino realized that he couldn’t swim and therefore likely wouldn’t be able to survive if he jumped. Andor got pushed so he didn’t have time to offer to save him, and I wonder whether we’ll even learn Kino’s fate when we next see Andor. Mon drew a hard line in the sand during her meeting where the banker suggested a meeting of his son and her daughter, though he seemed to think that she was only lying about not considering his proposal. Luthen’s elevator meeting with Lonni revealed just how committed to winning the war Luthen is, ready to sacrifice a group of rebels so that Lonni’s cover remains intact even though the mole desperately wants out of this dangerous life. With just two episodes left, I’m wondering whether this show will wrap up its storylines or if a second season is in the cards.

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