Saturday, November 26, 2022

Take Three: Dangerous Liaisons

Dangerous Liaisons: Season 1, Episode 3 “Even God Does Not Forgive” (B+)

I knew going into this show that Carice van Houten, an actress I first saw in “Black Book” back in 2006 and who later earned an Emmy nomination for playing Melisandre in “Game of Thrones,” would be appearing, but we hadn’t seen her up until this point and I was starting to get curious. Fortunately, she had a substantial role in this episode, even if, for a while, Valmont was very much unaware of who his true target was and nearly got himself into trouble with other women in pursuit of the achievement of the challenge he was tasked with by Camille. He was also ignorant of Camille’s past with her and why she wanted him to get close to her, which made for a very memorable ending to the episode when Camille threw blood on her just as Valmont was finally making inroads and getting close to her. Before getting to this point, Camille was finding herself not as welcome as she previously was when Geneviève was alive, but she knows how to get people to like her and to give them the attention they need. Victoire, on the other hand, is more discerning, and her accidentally knocking over a vase during the ceremony got interpreted as much more than it actually meant, casting suspicion on her and Camille in the process. I’ve enjoyed getting to know these characters and see these actors, as well as getting to speak with the cast and executive producers, and I may return for more at a later date.

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