Wednesday, November 30, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Capture

The Capture: Season 2, Episode 4 “#therealzacturner” (B+)

This season is constantly one-upping itself with its bombshell revelations, and the sight of Isaac buzzing in to come in to see him wasn’t even the most shocking part of the hour. There was always that question of whether China was being all this, and then Isaac got the surprising news that the paternity test he had never submitted any sample for came back negative. All of this was about setting him up as some sort of right-wing sympathetic figure, which isn’t the case but he’s doing well enough, according to that voice on the other end of the phone, that correction may no longer be necessary. He might have blown things earlier by railing against the mainstream media and promising that the truth was going to come out, but, again, he’s a popular figure again now. Frank having cancer meant that his presence in the hospital was purely coincidental, and his meeting with Gemma seemed more productive than his visit with a rabbi who was very suspect of his crisis-related attempt at atonement. Russian involvement makes some sense, but it’s still too early to rule out collusion from Western forces like the British and American governments. Rachel was able to warn Abigail that she was under surveillance without tipping her monitors off, but she also had a ghost of the past brought up that makes Abigail much likelier as a target: a Free Shaun Emery podcast that could make the correction architects worried that someone so close to Rachel was making too much noise.

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