Sunday, November 27, 2022

What I’m Watching: Avenue 5

Avenue 5: Season 2, Episode 7 “I Love Judging People” (B+)

I’m bracing myself for the fact that this is likely the penultimate episode of this show, even though I’ve been very much enjoying this season and would happily order more if I was the one in charge of such decisions. Finding out that the ship can split in two because Judd was able to get a huge tax write-off to design it that way was just the latest absurd revelation that changes everything, though as usual nothing can be simple and the way in which it was decided which passengers would be in the front and in the back was predictably flawed. You’d think that a system designed by Judd would be stupid and ineffective, but it did do a remarkable job of gauging when people were not telling the truth, like Ryan saying he didn’t hate Karen and Iris telling Judd she missed him too. I enjoyed the hacks that people were using to get points, like Spike’s comedy routine, Iris’ camera smile trick, and how Mads was ranked number one because the system couldn’t understand his confident nonsense. Matt encouraging Rav to score points with a grand gesture did result in her trying to hopelessly give the Heimlich to someone having a heart attack, and I appreciated Judd’s honesty when he asked if he would be able to solve this problem with money or aggressive legal action. Whether half the ship dies now is still a question, but of course Judd had to go and throw the entire thing off so that it’s actually the tail that will likely survive while the front of the ship with the top-rated people gets hit by the missile.

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