Sunday, July 22, 2007

The CW's Fall Schedule

The CW has released their relatively unexciting fall schedule:

8:00 Everyone Hates Chris
8:30 Aliens in America (new comedy series)
9:00 Girlfriends
9:30 The Game

8:00 Beauty and the Geek
9:00 Reaper (new bounty hunter comedy)

8:00 America's Next Top Model
9:00 Gossip Girl (new O.C. set in New York)

8:00 Smallville
9:00 Supernatural

8:00 WWE Smackdown

8:00 Life is Wild (new vet drama)
9:00 America's Next Top Model repeats

I do not watch anything on the CW, after giving up on "Smallville" after season five last year. None of the four new shows seem like they will be interesting, at least to me, and I think the scheduling of "Gossip Girl" in the same time slot as "Private Practice," the "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off on ABC, could be a dangerous move. Out of all the networks, though, CW is the most likely to let one of its shows hang on for dear life in a bad timeslot (as the WB and UPN did with many of their shows). "All of Us" is gone officially, along with the previously concluded shows "Gilmore Girls" and "7th Heaven" (for real this time, after the show was renewed last year a week after its first "series finale"). "One Tree Hill" is returning midseason, and word on "Veronica Mars" may not be confirmed until at late as June 15th. It does not look good for "Mars" though, at this point. Again, this schedule is pretty boring to me and I do not plan to watch anything on it besides the new pilots.

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