Sunday, July 22, 2007

What I'm Watching: Lost

Lost: Season 3, Episode 21 "Greatest Hits" (B-)

The idea that being rescued is the last thing on most people's minds is a bit hard to take, but then again I had nearly forgotten that rescue was even a possibility for the castaways. Jack has become more annoying than noble at this point, exerting his supposed leadership over the far more able Sayid. And our reliable team of Desmond and Charlie head off to the middle of the ocean to try to disable the jamming signal being broadcast by the Others. Desmond's supposedly prophetic dream is deterred by a huge surprise - a number of Others manning the underwater station. I am really hoping for the ultimate showdown next week with the two-hour season finale which promises at least some sort of confrontation between the castaways and the Others. And maybe some sort of resolution with Locke? Maybe even a mention of Michael or Walt? I am excited to see that Lana Parilla ("Boomtown") was credited in the guest cast of this episode, and I believe she was one of the station Others at the end. I hope she gets a bigger role next week as she has a great potential but has recently taken less-than-challenging roles ("24", "Windfall"). With all this talk of rescue, it is pretty impossible to predict what is going to happen since the series will be returning for 48 more episodes. I am sure it would be far less interesting if it took a "Prison Break"-like approach and had the remainder of the show set off of the island. I would not be terribly interested in seeing that, although some sort of acknowledgment of what has happen with the rest of everyone back at home would be nice at some eventual point, probably towards the show's finale in 2059.

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