Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rundown: What Might Come Back Next Year

Not counting 8 offerings from various cable networks (Showtime, FX, Sci-Fi, USA) and 6 MyNetworkTV shows, designed for only one season, approximately 35 shows have premiered this season or have yet to premiere. Some have been renewed, others cancelled, and the fate of many others is still unknown. By May, word should be in on most renewals, but here is a quick preview with some opinions and educated guesses, by network (thanks to for some details):


Confirmed as cancelled:
3 LBS (Pilot grade: D+)
Smith (Pilot grade: B+, overall grade: B) - cancelled too soon

Likely to be cancelled:
The Class (Pilot grade: C-, overall grade: D) - Simply not funny, and it doesn't fit in with the other Monday night comedy offerings (How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men).
Rules of Engagement (Pilot grade: F) - Same as above, only worse.

Likely to be renewed:
Jericho (Pilot grade: B+, overall grade: B+) - Great show, hopefully can sustain what might be thought of as a one-season premise. Good enough ratings.
Shark (Pilot grade: B, overall grade: B) - Has gotten great ratings in a powerful timeslot, and should have no problem being renewed.


Already renewed:
Brothers & Sisters (Pilot grade: D-) - I never saw the appeal of this show. I guess others did, plus it had a great timeslot.
Men In Trees (Pilot grade: B-, overall grade: B-) - A fun enough show I didn't expect to do well, but I'm happy.
Ugly Betty (Pilot grade: C-) - I don't understand why people like this show, but its ratings guaranteed it a renewal.

Confirmed as cancelled:
Day Break (Pilot grade: D+, overall grade: F) - Dreadfully awful show, dead from the start.
Help Me Help You (Pilot grade: F) - Ted Danson's new comedy was terrible. Enough said.
Six Degrees (Pilot grade: D+) - Good concept, poor execution. Returned recently only to be immediately cancelled.

Likely to be cancelled:
Big Day (Pilot grade: D, overall grade: D-) - A one-joke concept that fell flat.
In Case of Emergency (Pilot grade: B-, overall grade: B) - I do hope that this series is renewed, but the ratings don't look good.
The Knights of Prosperity (Pilot grade: C, overall grade: B-) - This show grew on me, but it was pulled from the schedule early on.
The Nine (Pilot grade: B+, overall grade: C+) - Great pilot, then its quality decreased. It hasn't been on for months, its likelihood of returning, especially after "Six Degrees," is very low.
Notes from the Underbelly (Yet to premiere) - It just doesn't look good at all.October Road (Pilot grade: C) - Its episode order wasn't big, but it could get a surprise renewal like last year's "What About Brian.
"Traveler (Yet to premiere) - Pushed to summer. Not a good sign.


Already renewed:
30 Rock (Pilot grade: B, overall grade: B+) - Hilarious show that fits in well with the Thursday night comedies.
Heroes (Pilot grade: B, overall grade: B) - An intruiging show that's growing on me and was a hit from the start.

Confirmed as cancelled:
20 Good Years (Pilot grade: D) - Funny actors in a bad show.
The Black Donnellys (Pilot grade: B-) - Interesting but unrealistic. Dismal ratings.
Kidnapped (Pilot grade: C) - Not a great concept for a series and sort of sub-par.
Windfall (Pilot grade: B-, overall grade: C-) - Corny and ultimately boring. Went out in the summer.

Likely to be cancelled:
Andy Barker, P.I. (Pilot grade: B-, overall grade: C-) - Small episode order plus unfunny show.
The Singles Table (Yet to premiere) - When is this show even going to start?

Likely to be renewed:
Friday Night Lights (Pilot grade: C+) - Everyone seems to love this show, and I think it will overcome meager ratings to get a renewal.
Raines (Pilot grade: B, overall grade: B) - Jeff Goldblum anchors a show in the realm of beloved recent hits like "Medium" and "Ghost Whisperer." Starting mid-season doesn't help, but you never know.
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (Pilot grade: B-, overall grade: B+) - It's hard to tell if this show is even finishing out its current season, but I think NBC should and will give it a chance.


Confirmed as cancelled:
Happy Hour (Pilot grade: D+) - Dumb show doomed from the start.
Justice (Pilot grade: C) - I'm not quite sure why this show didn't succeed; it wasn't great, but it wasn't bad.
Vanished (Pilot grade: D) - A difficult concept to sustain, and it got moved around a lot, and no one cared.
The Wedding Bells (Pilot grade: F) - Eek.

Likely to be cancelled:
Drive (Yet to premiere) - It looks terribly dumb and can't possibly sustain a second season.
Standoff (Pilot grade: C) - Remaining episodes pushed to summer. Unlikely.
Til 'Death (Pilot grade: D) - Poor show plus FOX already has enough successful comedies...
The Winner (Pilot grade: F-, overall grade: F) this show is doomed.CW

Confirmed as cancelled:
Runaway (Pilot grade: D) - Pretty far-fetched and one of the first shows to be axed.

Likely to be cancelled:
Hidden Palms (Yet to premiere) - Starting in late May is never a good thing, plus this show sounds ridiculous.

Likely to be renewed:
The Game (Pilot grade: F) - The CW has very few shows, and this fits in well enough with its comedies, so why not?

More news as it comes.

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