Sunday, July 22, 2007

TV on DVD: The Closer

I am thrilled to report that the second season of TNT's crime drama "The Closer" is just as good as the first. Kyra Sedgwick delivers a stunning performance as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, and her chemistry with the rest of the cast is what makes the show work most. Every single member of the ensemble is stellar, including Michael Paul Chan (Lt. Tao), Gina Ravera (Lt. Daniels), and Raymond Cruz (Det. Sanchez), who are billed separate from the rest of the cast, under the "also starring" heading. The particular standout among an amazing cast in this season is G.W. Bailey as the ever-sardonic Lt. Provenza, who gets great plotlines of his own. The best episode of the season is probably the hilarious and clever "To Protect and To Serve", in which the team struggles to cover up several of their members' involvement in the tampering of a murder scene. The closing episodes of the season ("Overkill" and the 2-parter "Serving the King") are a bit strange, what with the slow-motion ending of the penultimate episode and the weird secret agent feel of the final one. Lt. Provenza sums it up best though, when he responds to the overexcited Brenda, "Okay, 007". I am continually impressed with this show, and more than excited for the new season to premiere this Monday, June 18th at 9pm on TNT.

Season 2 grade: A-

In all my hurry to finish up "The Closer", I neglected to catch up on the third season of "Rescue Me" in time for the fourth season premiere of the series earlier tonight. I am so far almost halfway through the season, and should be ready to begin season four by this weekend.

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