Sunday, July 22, 2007

What I'm Watching: Lost

SPOILERS included.

Lost: Season 3, Episode 14 "Exposé" (C)

For most of the episode, I, along with almost all watchers, I suspect, was very confused. The incorporation of Nikki and Paulo into all of the scenes "Lost" fans are familiar with was clever, but the diamond-seeking plot of the physical episode was not totally engaging. The fact that no one knows who either of them are is funny to viewers, since the two characters were only introduced this season despite supposedly having been on the island the whole time, but it is more than improbable that the castaways would have no clue who they were (it's been a few months after all). And the ending was just creepy, with Nikki opening her eyes just as the final dirt was thrown down to bury her. At least they might finally have some purpose on the show.

I grow more and more annoyed about only a few characters being seen in each episode, and it especially makes no sense since this was supposed to be a "24"-like "non-stop season" with no repeats so that viewers could follow along, episode to episode. Each of the episodes seem to function as stand-alone pieces which only create frustration for the viewer, solving one mystery while avoiding three others for five episodes. I would love to know what's going on with Locke and his father, and I have a suspicion I won't find out until late May. What the show really needs is to bring all of its characters together in one episode and make it truly thrilling again. Because it's looking like Nikki and/or Paulo won't be seen for at least a few weeks, judging by the recent tendency of the show.

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