Sunday, July 22, 2007

What I'm Watching: Studio 60

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Season 1, Episode 17 "The Disaster Show" (B)

I was highly anticipating the return of this show, and I am not sure if I feel left down. This was a highly enjoyable episode, spearheaded by guest host Allison Janney, with plently of "West Wing" jokes along the way. It does walk a fine line between convoluting the reality of the characters by referencing so many actors who have ties to each other and who star on "Studio 60" itself. Nate Corrdry (Tom) and D.L. Hughley (Simon) do a great job functioning on their own, but Sarah Paulson (Harriet) just comes off as annoying without anyone to really play off. Timothy Busfield (Cal) does a great job essentially carrying the episode, and Steven Weber (Jack) is hilarious while mysteriously buzzed. What is strange about this episode, focusing on the untimely walkout of unionized prop workers, is the absence of the show's leads: Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford, and Amanda Peet. The ensemble cast manages just fine on their own, but the plot is bit off.

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