Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Last Ship

The Last Ship: Season 1, Episode 9 “Trials” (C+)

What’s that, a sign of human life outside of the seas? It only took nine episodes, and we still got to see very little of Tom’s family on the outside aside from learning that they are true survivors and trying constantly to get in touch with him because they believe, as does this show, that only Tom can save the world. I liked seeing Titus Welliver as the man who executed the infected woman he saw on the outside, and I hope that we’ll see him again in the finale. While this was a pretty bleak episode, as tends to be the case things took a major turn and suddenly everyone was smiling and all looked good again. There were some dramatic interludes to be sure, namely Master Chief Jeter freaking out violently and Tex confessing his joy in being able to find love again due to Rachel. Fortunately, she did manage to find a cure, so that’s something, and the question now becomes how valuable a commodity that is, and whether it will be publicized in a regrettable manner or if the ship’s leadership can figure out the proper way to disseminate it. The revelation of Kara’s pregnancy isn’t all that enticing to me since I’ve never been particularly compelled by Kara and Danny as a couple, particularly because I can’t imagine that any ship captain would actually allow his enlisted underlings to continue such a forbidden relationship. I’d love to see this show do something to surprise me in the season finale and convince me that maybe I should check back in for season two.

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