Sunday, August 31, 2014

What I’m Watching: Married

Married: Season 1, Episode 7 “Waffles and Pizza” (B+)

It’s not too surprising to learn that Russ and Lina have to move every few years, and I enjoyed the fact that Russ knew exactly what he had to hide when they found out about the unannounced open house. It’s understandable that Lina would want to be able to settle down somewhere, but Russ was right in his analysis of Lina’s craziness as she tried to persuade A.J.’s new girlfriend to break things off with her husband so that she could be with him and, most importantly, vacate her home. Cynthia wasn’t a particularly stable person, and it was obvious from the start that she and A.J. were not going to end up together. Russ’ discomfort at encouraging the breakup of a happy marriage was entertaining, as was his reaction each time to Lina talking about something that sounded a whole lot like their marriage. I had expected that we would see a continuation of Jess’ bar outing which may well have resulted in infidelity, but instead it was an entirely new plotline which didn’t cast her in the most satisfied light. That never seems to be her fate; instead, she had to deal with being asked for cocaine by the boss she thought was ready to give her a promotion. That she managed to make a statement and turn the situation to her advantage by getting the promotion she wanted in the first place was impressive, and it’s nice to see her score a rare win every once in a while.

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