Saturday, August 23, 2014

What I’m Watching: Tyrant

Tyrant: Season 1, Episode 9 “Gaslight” (C)

Essentially, all that’s happening here is that Jamal is being made to look like a fool and playing exactly into the untruths that Bassam and John are feeding him. Its over-the-top nature was best evidenced by Tariq’s immediate response of “Don’t believe them, I’m being set up” after Jamal had the plane shot down and then had Tariq taken into custody. Bassam definitely didn’t take Leila into account, and she’s at her fiercest when she’s actually on her husband’s side and trying to make sure that he asserts himself so that others don’t take advantage of him. That’s exactly what Bassam is trying to do, and there’s no way that this transition goes smoothly. Molly is doing her very best to blow the whole thing, acting miserable during dinner and feigning American dislike for fancy food, and then snapping at her sister and her children to ensure that they get out of Abuddin as quickly as possible. Hearing her yell at John and Lea for allowing Bassam to go ahead with his plan demonstrated just how much she’s not happy with it, and she’s doing an excellent job of raising red flags and tipping others off to the fact that something’s going on. This show has yet to renewed for a second season – fellow FX freshman “The Strain” was a few days ago – but either way I’m still curious to see how the finale will set up what would surely be a very different and likely much darker second season.

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