Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What I’m Watching: True Blood (Penultimate Episode)

True Blood: Season 7, Episode 9 “Love is to Die” (B)

In many ways, this second-to-last episode really does feel like things are actually nearing the end, but in some senses it’s also still a big mess. That’s mainly true of this cure and the continued adventures of Sarah the basement-dweller. I’m not sure exactly what the Yakuza and Pam have planned with her hair dye job, but it seems like that may have all been ruined by none other than the girl who always gets in the way, Sookie Stackhouse. Bill releasing Jessica was dramatic but expected, and now he has no one depending upon him but Sookie. I don’t quite understand this vampiric wish to meet the natural death when circumstances get tough since it seems like hundreds of years of being alive would have presented many challenging situations, and Eric certainly doesn’t feel the same way Bill does (nor does Pam, for that matter). Let’s hope that Sarah plays into things in some positive and major way since she hasn’t been used all too well in the second half of this season. Sam leaving town with Nicole is almost inconsequential since he hasn’t had much relevance in a while, and he’s simply a tangential checkmark. While I thought that Hoyt was headed back to Alaska, it looks like he’s here to stay, and it’s wonderful that he and Jessica have been reunited. I was equally happy with Brigitte and Jason bonding, and with her being cheered up by the notion of teaching him how to not have sex with someone. Interposing that conversation with Hoyt and Jessica reconnecting sexually was very effective. Now, let’s hope for something satisfying and impactful in the series finale.

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