Thursday, August 7, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Strain

The Strain: Season 1, Episode 4 “It’s Not for Everyone” (C-)

Could that title be any more fitting? I’m definitely out after this, with this show being the first of the four I was considering dropping to be officially confirmed as off my weekly watchlist. This devolved from a sincerely thrilling, clever medical mystery into a gross-out horror series of less than impressive quality in just a few installments, which is a real shame. Ansel expressing his irrepressible desire to, as he put it, “rip your throat and drink from you” did it for me, though Annie feeding her annoying neighbor to him was a pretty off-putting and ridiculous moment too. Forcing Ephram and Nora to dodge out of the way of more mouth snakes is far from productive, and fortunately Abraham was there all too ready to decapitate the masses. Nora’s obsession with following protocol is supposed to make her the sympathetic one, but such human desires most often signify that she’ll be the first to die. The dissection of the dead creature strayed far enough from the science that all started this, and now this is pretty much just a zombie show. Jim just came right out with his betrayal, ensuring that Ephram will ignore one of his best assets when he should really be using him. Eldridge passing out in the middle of a sentence was dramatic, and it’s always a smart idea to resist an actual physical organ transplant in the hopes of a miracle coming to ensure that renewed health and, better yet, immortality, are easily achievable.

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