Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Golden Globe Winner Predictions: Best TV Series – Comedy/Musical

The competition: Girls, Jane the Virgin, Orange is the New Black, Silicon Valley, Transparent

For your information: Talk about shaking it up! “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” which won last year, is gone. “Modern Family,” which was nominated four times in a row, is out, as is three-time nominee “The Big Bang Theory.” In fact, only “Girls,” which won two years ago, returns, and the only other non-freshman show is “Orange is the New Black,” which was considered a drama and not nominated last year. “Jane the Virgin” makes history as the first CW show to be honored in this category (“Everybody Hates Chris,” a UPN series, was nominated back in 2005, but that’s it). “Transparent” does the same as an Amazon show. “Silicon Valley” has no actors nominated, “Orange is the New Black” has two, and the other three each have one. This is an exciting year since it marks the first time that “Modern Family” has not contended for a top prize like this, a great opportunity to spread the wealth given that it has won four SAG ensemble awards and five Emmys for Best Comedy Series. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” beat it last year – what can do it this year?

Who should win? “Jane the Virgin” or “Transparent,” but “Orange is the New Black” would be fine too.

Who will win? I’ll pick Orange is the New Black.

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