Thursday, January 15, 2015

What I’m Watching: Episodes (Season Premiere)

Episodes: Season 4, Episode 1 (B+)

This show is never a disappointment, and it’s really great to have it back on the air for another season. As expected, the resurrection of “Pucks” is a wholly miserable experience that benefits no one except for Elliot Salad, who gets to give NBC the finger by not letting them have Matt LeBlanc. I thoroughly enjoyed his restaurant scene with Carol, and Michael Brandon, who plays Salad, got a handful of the great lines to go head-to-head with the fantastic Kathleen Rose Perkins. Carol being number two again is sure to be problematic for completely different reasons, namely that she had an affair with the woman’s husband years ago and broke up their marriage. I’m curious to see what new ideas she has to rebrand the dying network. The death of Matt’s money guy revealed some unfortunate financial woes, but of course that would mean that Matt lost $32 million but still has $31 million safely in the bank. His conversation with Sean and Beverly was pretty hilarious, and I especially enjoyed Beverly asking him if he ever considered the option of smaller bites. Guessing how much money the two of them had and almost guessing their ages was funny, but what I love most is that this show can turn to something more dramatic in a humorous moment, as Matt’s prodding made Sean think about what they had and prompted him to pick up the phone to agree to let their script be sold against Beverly’s wishes. An awful secretary who never picks up the phone or lets them know about packages is soon to be the least of their problems.

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