Saturday, January 24, 2015

What I’m Watching: Episodes

Episodes: Season 4, Episode 2 (B+)

Things certainly have changed. Matt is going to have to scale back his lifestyle, Sean and Beverly are going to make another show for the network, and Carol is working for a boss who may actually be both brilliant and sane. Matt is hilariously stubborn about what he doesn’t want to give up, and hearing his ridiculous enthusiasm for his plane and for his dinosaur is entertaining, as is the fact that he drank the $126,000 bottle of wine when he was drunk. Dismissing the gardener who sweeps his each was fully preposterous, particularly because he kept making requests for last-minute work before the man left his job of eighteen years. Sean and Beverly going to see their former employee went particularly poorly, but at least they were able to leave with the knowledge that what their other script is attracting quite a bit of attention. The first two executives’ desire to cut out the creative elements of the show was wonderfully contrasted by Helen Bash’s openness about doing whatever they wanted, and it means a rare and unprecedented time of possibility for the network. I love that Carol confessed to her breaking up Helen’s marriage and ultimately ended up asking for sympathy from Helen, who seems nothing more than mildly surprised to learn that this had happened. I’m not sure why, but the sight of Sean and Beverly both wearing checkered shirts and the look they gave each other was one of the highlights of the episode for me.

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