Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Take Three: Babylon

Babylon: Season 1, Episode 3 (A-)

This episode really sealed the deal for me, hoping that this series will return for a much longer if typically British-in-length run. I’ll get to the ending in due time, but I first want to start by noting that the music in the show is great, infrequent but appropriate in nature. There was the expected humor in this episode, like someone calling the police because of a Facebook post right before a real bomber calling but having his reference to Hegel mistaken for “Hey girl.” Charlie getting stopped for shoplifting – and shoplifting shampoo, at that – was entertaining, and fortunately it didn’t get any more serious than him freaking out and worrying about getting cut of the loop. Liz telling Finn that he needed to get in line or resign sent him reeling, though that’s all going to change now as a result of the episode-ending events definitely change that. Richard admitting to an extramarital affair seemed to negate the tensions between them that had arisen as a result of the ultimatum from last week, but that confession spiraled out of control as Richard eventually revealed that it wasn’t just one affair. Liz was truly angry at him for disappointing her and for being so stupid, and that turned the episode incredibly serious towards its end, accompanied by Warwick mindlessly playing video games and Robbie’s video reporter friend getting canned. Nothing can match the dramatic and shocking impact of Richard stepping off a ledge to fall to his death – a startlingly serious and irreversible decision that, at the very least, is going to be near impossible for Liz to spin.

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