Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 6, Episode 11 “Hail Mary” (C)

The first show back in 2015 feels a whole lot like it did all through 2014 – heading in an unadvisable direction for no real reason, trying to be something that it’s not. I understand why the mock debates were a big part of this episode since Alicia really does need to become a candidate, but subbing in Finn and then Peter because the first choice was high – something I could have predicted given the casting of Chris Elliott from “Everybody Loves Raymond” – felt a bit forced. Given the inability of this show to multitask lately, the one other plotline was all about Cary’s fate, something that has been firmly in the hands of the writers for the entire series and for some reason they’ve opted to put him through hell for this season. To have him exonerated completely at the last minute feels like a stretch, and I have trouble buying that it would happen when Judge Cuesta was so slighted by the stall tactic that had been used to buy Diane more time to come up with a Brady violation. That Cary was working with a prison consultant to prepare for his time inside makes it all the more jarring that he’s now off, and I suspect he’s going to have considerable trouble adjusting to life as a free man. More problematically, now Kalinda has actually committed a crime worse than Cary’s in the service of freeing Cary, and the argument that she didn’t plan to go through with it is not going to help her when she becomes the target of another miserable investigation.

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