Sunday, January 25, 2015

What I’m Watching: Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation: Season 7, Episodes 3 and 4 “William Henry Harrison” and “Leslie and Ron” (B+)

I heartily enjoyed this hourlong presentation, which presented a “to be continued” scenario that was continued immediately, which put a positive spin on the fact that this show is being finished off as quickly and ceremoniously as possible. What’s best about both of these episodes is how defiant both Leslie and Ron are, Leslie in her determination not to lose her zeal and her spirit, and Ron in his lifelong staunch attitude of not connecting emotionally with people. I liked how the specific circumstances of Ron’s departure from the Parks department was revealed, with Leslie trying so hard to get Ron to talk and ultimately managing to squeeze a few words out of him and realize just what had happened to make him leave. It’s always great to see his sentimental side, which in this case made him feel lonely and prompted him to muster up the courage to ask Leslie for a job. That she was too busy to be able to meet with him, or even remember her appointment, is a shame, but at least we got to fast-forward through most of their not being friends to this point of wonderful and hilarious reconciliation. The use of the wood from Ann’s door to make a friend of the picture was especially sweet. Among other things, I enjoyed the fact that Jerry has become a notary public and the many different entities who tried to argue for the sanctity of the land. Andy suggesting that he and April each say a word and see if it made a profession was terrific, and I loved that his only word was trampoline.

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