Thursday, January 22, 2015

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 5, Episode 2 “I’m the Liver” (B+)

This episode was such a fantastic return to the fantastic depravity that this show has always been so good at featuring, placing each of its characters in a situation that permits them to chip away at the integrity of society one bad decision at a time. Frank being invited to a meal with all of the other recipients of his liver donor’s organs was a disaster just waiting to happen, and though he didn’t have much to do, I appreciated the casting of Patrick Fischler, most memorable in “Mad Men” and “Lost,” as the father of the son who he taught to fight rather than to run and whose liver Frank is now renting for at least ten years. Sammi getting Chucky to poop in Sheila’s living room was immature but it seems to have achieved the desired effect of getting Sheila to acknowledge her, giving her a harsh talking-to that may be exactly the kind of parenting she needs and wants from her new stepmother. I loved how Mickey’s wife got involved in a few situations in this hour, breastfeeding the twins and cutting Debs’ and Kev’s hair. It was sweet that Fiona took Debs to the show with her in the end, though Fiona is really living dangerously, picking more than one fight on her first day of anklet-free probation. She did her best to seduce Sean but he’s totally right that she’s bad for him, and hopefully this won’t affect their working relationship, especially if she starts dating the musician. Lip seems committed to his new job, and his intellectual superiority doesn’t appear to be a problem. The invasion of the gentrification lesbians is a cool plot for this season, and I’m sure there will be plenty of opposition from all residents of the lower-class neighborhood. Ian’s anger at the funeral protesters spawned in him a furious fire, and Mickey’s plan to humiliate the Westboro Baptist Church stand-in priest was devious and sure to be devastatingly damaging to his cause.

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