Friday, January 23, 2015

Round Two: Togetherness

Togetherness: Season 1, Episode 2 “Handcuffs” (B+)

If I wasn’t sure about this show in its first installment, I’m definitely all for it after this second half-hour, which solidifies the fact that these characters are great, and even if it’s going to be an awkward ride, it will be a firmly entertaining and enjoyable one. Seeing Michelle and Brett in their daily lives is extremely enlightening since it conveys the fact that Michelle is bored with the mundane nature of everything, while Brett can’t stand the fact that no one sees the world as he does, where waste shouldn’t be so prevalent and coyote sounds should be accurate for a terrible TV show. Tina encouraging Michelle to act out her fantasies didn’t exactly go well, especially for Brett’s balls, but that’s mainly because Brett had no idea that she was desperately yearning to express her frustrations, and now, after a naked handcuffing, he understands that they need to do something to spice up their sex life, even if it’s definitely not trying that again. I love the relationship between Tina and Alex, grounded in ice water pouring and otherwise built on strengthening each other by dispelling the negative comments others have made to them. Forcing Alex to throw out the pizza was a symbolic sign of the fact that she does care about him, and even though they’re hardly good influences for the baby, they are going to be able to improve each other and themselves as a result of their odd couple friendship. I’m eager to see more of their interactions, even if they’ve already hit a peak of managing to see truly see each other and look past everything superficial. My favorite part of the episode was that Tina very quickly offered up payment in boob flashing to get Alex to help her.

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