Monday, January 12, 2015

What I’m Watching: Banshee (Season Premiere)

Banshee: Season 3, Episode 1 “The Fire Trials” (A-)

I had almost forgotten that this show was coming back, and I was so excited when I realized it was since it’s still the show that I get most excited about watching on a weekly basis. This premiere was truly terrific, tying up a few loose ends from last season that make this season’s upcoming developments infinitely more enticing. Opening with Lucas, Brock, and Siobhan tracking down Emmett’s killer and executing him was a very fitting way to start, especially since his death has still been haunting me as an overly dark occurrence that feels too bleak, even for a show like this. Brock has become quite intense with his new beard and attitude, and his visit to his ex-wife’s house and their angry sex was certainly serious. It seems inevitable that all of the violence of late has transformed him and is going to lead to a break at some point in the near future. Showing Carrie in bed with her new man and Lucas and Siobhan in his dump of a place was a neat fake-out, and it looks like Carrie has her new life under control, even if it involves waiting on her old friends and breaking the occasional rude redneck’s nose. Kai and Rebecca being found naked in bed together demonstrates that they are now unconditionally allied with one another, and Chayton’s chokehold conversation with Rebecca indicates that there is serious trouble coming. Chayton’s revenge plan seems much broader, and killing marines with arrows is definitely an impactful way to go about it. I love that a lack of cooperation from the marines logically led to Lucas deciding that the base should be the next target for his crew, and I can only imagine the trouble that will stir up. I remembered that Alex’s sister Nola made quite an impression when she first appeared, and seeing her return at the end of the episode with the same fury as Chayton but distinctly different goals means that the quiet Sugar has been enjoying is going to be gone for quite a long time starting right now.

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