Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 6, Episode 12 “The Debate” (C+)

Starting this episode off with a disclaimer about the fact that it was filmed back in August and that any references to Ferguson should be taken in that light made it seem like it was going to be an enormously impactful hour. This show has long had a tendency to pull from the headlines and to feature current storylines that seem very relevant. I didn’t find this hour to be all that compelling, though I’ll admit that it was refreshing to see it return to being able to multitask and actually handle a few threads all at once. Most problematically, of course, all of Cary’s suffering is forgotten and he feels that, after avoiding spending any time in prison, the best thing to do is side with Diane and opt to essentially oust Alicia from the firm, deciding to hire David Lee, something that she would never do and he honestly wouldn’t either, without even talking to her first. It’s an aggressive move, one that feels more up Diane’s alley but still a bit forced. Alicia did end up doing pretty well with her spontaneous kitchen-set debate with Prady, much better than she was doing out there during the actual debate. It’s strange to have Ramona brought up out of the blue and to see her used as a figure to show his true commitment to the cause of supporting Cole Willis’ widow. The dueling pastors underlined the preachy nature of the episode, which an enthusiastic colleague had told me she loved but warned me that she was probably overselling.

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