Sunday, January 18, 2015

What I’m Watching: Parenthood

Parenthood: Season 6, Episode 11 “Let’s Go Home” (B+)

This is this show’s third-to-last episode, and we’re definitely headed in a direction that wraps up most of the plotlines in a neat but not unrealistic bow. The most crucial one, of course, involves Joel and Julia. Joel nearly getting caught in Julia’s bedroom by Sydney was entertaining, and the fact that it morphed from not wanting to confuse the kids to Joel showing up at the ice rink to kiss Julia in front of them over the course of just one episode is deeply affirming and wonderful. Seeing how happy Sydney and Victor were was especially great. Speaking of romance, Hank did pretty well for himself, trying to talk with Sarah about his proposal and then agreeing with Max that Sarah talks too much, ultimately earning himself an affirmative answer after he went over to Amber’s to assemble the crib her father had sent her, though he did end up with one extra screw. I guess we have a wedding on our hands, which is a treat. I’m all for characters who never speak to each other interacting, and thus Jasmine’s first-ever chat with Adam proved to be productive, inspiring him to stick it out and try to turn the Luncheonette into something to be proud of once again. Zeek is fading away, but his sudden desire to pass things on to his grandchildren led to an unexpectedly touching final moment that made Zeek and Camille’s sale of the house worth it: seeing how it once again became a family’s home, a strong enough piece of nostalgia to compel Zeek to leave a treasure for some other kid to find someday.

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