Friday, January 16, 2015

What I’m Watching: Person of Interest

Person of Interest: Season 4, Episode 12 “Control-Alt-Delete” (B+)

I’ll admit that there’s nothing I love more than when this show frames its events from a completely different perspective, and it’s done that four or five times now to great effect. This was probably the least impressive one, mainly because it didn’t offer us much new intel and also had our heroes looking for someone they’re very unlikely to find until Sarah Shahi gives birth to twins and decides to come back to the show in a few years. The reveal that the man and woman wreaking havoc on Control’s operations were Reese and Root was still pretty well-executed, and the team worked well together to combat an enemy that they thought knew far more than she really did. These terrorists who may not have actually been criminals didn’t manage to change Control’s mind, but their very existence is foreboding since it’s clear that Samaritan is manipulating its data in a worrisome way. Root’s friend the precocious kid asking to see the President is a bad sign, since I think Samaritan believes it’s time to take over the world, which seems like a bit of an overreach even if Greer is pulling the strings to a degree. Devon continues to be the moral compass of Control’s operation, and her communicating directly with him suggests that he’ll prove an important ally when her visit to the basement of the stock exchange leads her to be forced to accept the truth that Finch and his band of do-gooders aren’t actually bad guys and that they’re just trying to save the world, something she purports rather unapologetically to be doing with her 800+ kills.

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