Monday, April 20, 2015

Round Two: The Comedians

The Comedians: Season 1, Episode 2 “Come to the House” (C+)

The second installment of this show continues some of the problems of the first episode without really addressing them, and I fear that’s what we have to look forward to going forward. It couldn’t have been long before Billy and Josh were forced to socialize outside of work, and it was never going to go well. I like the casting of Dana Delany as Billy’s wife Sharon, since she obviously felt bad about casually inviting Josh over when that’s the furthest thing from what Billy would have wanted. Yet when he arrived right as the game was about to start, she still forced her unamused husband to give him the full tour of the house, opting to pause the game and watch it on the DVR. Josh didn’t help matters much by looking up things that happened later in the game and announcing them to those he was watching with, and walking in on Sharon was another big misstep. It looks like this is the last we’ll see of Steven Weber’s director, who had to chase down the impossibly awkward Kristen before revealing that he had feelings for Billy and not for her. It’s impossibly awkward but very entertaining to watch the dynamic between hapless head writer Mitch and lazy assistant Kristen, who failed multiple times to understand that she’s the one who is supposed to do coffee runs and not just put in her order with her boss as if he’s the one going out to do her a favor.

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