Thursday, April 9, 2015

What I’m Watching: iZombie

iZombie: Season 1, Episode 4 “Liv and Let Clive” (B+)

This show is really intent on having Liv fully experience the emotions and tics of whoever’s brain she’s just had the pleasure of eating. She was all over the place in this particular episode, worrying enough to do every piece of laundry in the building and then possessing kung fu moves that enabled her to defend herself from an intruder in the house. It was a close call with Liv’s brother Evan, who wandered in with a pizza and nearly saw his sister going crazy on the burglar. I think he was distracted enough by his lust for her roommate that he didn’t make much of it. Speaking of roommates, I like just how much Major and Ravi bonded when he stopped by the morgue, and I think that they’ll make for great roommates. Liv throwing out the mug she liked so that Major’s new girlfriend couldn’t use it was a fun moment. I also chuckled at her acting surprised to show Clive that you could fake a reaction. It’s a good thing that Clive isn’t dirty since that would have been problematic, and this whole debacle served to strengthen their relationship for the long run. Blaine is definitely up to no good, killing his disloyal employees and replacing them with fresh revived meat, and he’s sure to corner the market now that he’s found a way to make brains taste good. I loved the wise words of his now deceased henchman: “It doesn’t take body fat to have a fat idea.”

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