Monday, April 13, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Red Road

The Red Road: Season 2, Episode 2 “Graves” (B+)

One of the most interesting things about this show is the way in which it looks at the law, not content to leave its characters comfortably on either side. Philip is believed to have had a part in Mac’s murder, and his former friends and brothers want to see him punished. Harold, on the other hand, might have seriously jeopardized his chances at his promotion by sticking up for Junior in the interrogation room when he was being railroaded in order to produce a confession. And then there’s the complicated relationship between the Kopus and Jensen families, as Junior and Rachel reconnect with a kiss while Jean offers to make him food. Jean and Philip running into each other at the clinic was more than just a coincidence, and the way in which they interact is fascinating. Jean being advised to let the voices in to help with her schizophrenia was definitely worrisome, but it appears to have helped at least to ease her angst, and might prove productive and healthy in the end, as long as it doesn’t make her do something regrettable in the process. The final scene with Jean’s visit to Captain Warren’s home as he grieved for his wife was haunting, and it had nothing to do with the voices Jean heard as she stepped up to do the right thing with full lucidity. Captain Warren admitting that he killed his wife was almost as chilling as the gunshot that Jean didn’t hear as she drove away with her music playing loudly.

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