Sunday, April 12, 2015

What I’m Watching: Justified (Penultimate Episode)

Justified: Season 6, Episode 12 “Collateral” (A-)

It’s still hard to believe that there is just one episode left of this show, but this show is definitely intensifying in the best way as it’s about to sign off for good. There were many excellent moments, but I think the most memorable part, aside from Raylan signing his land over on a piece of scrap paper to someone he was pursuing, was the staging during the scene in the woods at night with Boyd and Raylan. It felt very much like a play, where two different actors stumble around through scenery almost right next to each other but can’t find each other since it’s too dark to be able to see even a few feet. This show has always been both a western and an intellectual story at heart, and it’s wonderful to see that incorporated into the end of this particular tale. There isn’t time left for pleasantries, as evidenced by Boyd’s swift execution of Shea Whigham’s truck driver as he was trying to convince Boyd that legends aren’t passed down by the murdered and Zachariah’s self-detonation in an attempt to put the beast that is Boyd down. In typical fashion for this show, there was plenty going on in that surrounding area, as Bob leapt into action to defend Raylan only to find that he had stolen his car, charged after him, found Ava, and then got shot by Boyd for his troubles. As Raylan was taking Bob to the hospital, cops on Avery’s payroll grabbed Ava, and then Raylan got arrested as soon as he got to the hospital. Kudos to Loretta for thinking on her feet after Boon shot her hapless bodyguard and offering Avery the same partnership she had with Boyd, ensuring her livelihood and her taking her best option in a bad situation. Vasquez has quite the axe to grind with Raylan, and it’s going to be hard to tell who will ultimately be on his side, especially with Boyd still in the wind and Ava in Avery’s clutches. What a finale it’s sure to be!

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