Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What I’m Watching: Shameless (Season Finale)

Shameless: Season 5, Episode 12 “Love Songs (in the Key of Gallagher)” (B+)

This certainly was a finale to remember, with major developments aplenty and unknown roads ahead. It was continually affirming to see Frank try to take care of someone for once, and clearly Bianca needed looking after. It seems that her Russian roulette wasn’t enough, and she may just have vanished into the ocean. I don’t see her coming back the same way that Sammi did after being shipped off with her storage unit by Mickey, and Frank appears to have been changed if only slightly for the better by the experience. It didn’t take long for Ian to realize that he was not better off sticking with Monica, and hopefully he’ll revel in the warm embrace of his family, even if he’s breaking it off with Mickey. I don’t think that Mickey will have an easy time getting over Ian, though he has bigger problems with Sammi chasing after him. I enjoyed the brief teaser we got of Carl and Chucky about to brawl in juvy, and it looks like that storyline will emphasize the comedy while the rest of this show focuses a bit more on the drama. Gus really is quite understanding given the circumstances, and Fiona seems ready to choose Sean instead, which might be responsible but isn’t too wise given her self-destructive tendencies and his addictive personality. Kev’s inability to remember how many women he slept with when he went in for his STD test was hilarious, and while dressing up as a schoolgirl didn’t get him going, that effort by Veronica prompted Kev to include her in a positive way in the childcare process rather than continue to put up fences between them. Just as Lip’s three-way romance is getting weirder and Amanda freaks out at how he doesn’t care about her anymore, it seems that he’s diving in deeper, falling in love with this married older woman. And delusional Debs is pregnant, which should lead to further depraved shenanigans in season six. What a year!

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: William H. Macy as Frank

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