Saturday, April 18, 2015

Take Three: Weird Loners

Weird Loners: Season 1, Episode 3 “Weirded Out” (C)

I want to like this show, and I’ll admit that I do laugh sometimes while watching it, but I wish it was better and a bit more mature. It’s clear that Stosh is the most manipulative, dishonest person that has ever lived, yet everyone still finds him incredibly endearing in the end because of just how charming and devilish he is. Sneaking into Caryn’s apartment to steal every one of her groceries and then bring them back in as if he had bought them was well-intentioned only in that he cooked meals that he knew that she would like, but crude and deplorable in every other way. It was hard to tell whether Stosh was using Caryn’s therapy to work out his own real issues or whether he was merely using it as a distraction tactic to get himself back into Caryn’s good graces. She’ll bounce back, of course. Taking advantage of Eric is a far less defensible thing since he couldn’t hurt a fly and didn’t need to have his work friends disown him after the crappy knockoff TV that Stosh bought with the money left over from what he had to pay the guy who was going to take his kidneys fizzled out right as the game was about to start. Zara driving the van through the tollbooth multiple times so that Stosh could have the opportunity to apologize to Eric was less funny than the unintentional game of telephone that the tollbooth operators play because they can’t hear a thing.

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