Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 1, Episode 17 “Chapter Seventeen” (B+)

This episode was much more maternity-focused than usual, but I think that our favorite characters need an important reminder that parenthood is coming. Some of it had to do with growth and realizing that things come full circle, particularly with Jane stepping into the role of the new mother who thinks her own mother has nothing left to teach her. Jane did pretty well babysitting despite how tiresome playing peekaboo over and over was for her, and what’s more concerning is the way that Rafael is focusing on the Marbella and considering the impending birth of his baby to be much less important. The revelation that Roman is still alive is perplexing since Petra noticed a difference in his behavior from the Aaron she was getting to know, which would seem to suggest that both Aaron and Roman are still alive. Maybe there’s a third brother? The budding friendship between Rogelio and Michael is quite hilarious, particularly when it comes to Rogelio oversharing about his physical relationship with Xiomara, and it’s good that he’s putting Jane first and encouraging Michael to move on. Andie and Michael getting back together would be a great thing for everyone except for the fact that Michael would still be too hung up on Jane to really give his old romance a shot. Rogelio telling Xiomara that he can’t say I love you to Xiomara because she and his mother don’t get along isn’t going to lead to anywhere good, and let’s hope it’s at least an entertaining if assuredly bumpy ride.

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