Thursday, April 30, 2015

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 1, Episode 20 “Chapter Twenty” (B)

This episode was fine and fun, but I’m not quite as excited about where the plot is headed at the moment. I’m sure I’ll be fine with it once the season ends and it starts again in the fall, but Rafael choosing the hotel over Jane so that he can be successful just doesn’t really track too much with everything we know about him. Jane suing for sole custody is also a surprise, and it seems to have do mostly with Rafael’s refusal to honor her request that Petra be removed from the hotel, something which isn’t so reasonable given the fact that she and Rafael are business partners. Luisa’s return definitely threw that all into whack, as she got her new girlfriend Juicy Jordan a plum wrestling gig and began to wreak havoc everywhere. This episode did do a terrific job of incorporating both its percentiles and its wrestling visualizations. Measuring Jane’s anger level and Petra’s interest level in percentiles was great, and I like that this show uses some device like that, albeit a different one each time, almost every episode. Mommy Long Legs sparring with De La Vengeance was probably my favorite pairing of the imagined wrestling matches, though Jane’s Pregnant Punisher was a close runner-up. It’s good to see Rogelio back on top, especially because he ascended there in such dramatic fashion. Dina showing up with cupcakes and reminding Rogelio that he was the one who has been tweeting about the show’s declining ratings since his departure was particularly amusing sweet revenge.

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