Friday, April 17, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 1, Episode 18 “All Star Team Up” (B)

When I don’t recognize a guest character on this show, I wonder whether it’s because I’m technically supposed to be watching “Arrow” in order to keep up with the larger universe of this show. I do like Felicity, and I enjoyed seeing Brandon Routh, who has become infinitely more charismatic since making his big debut in “Superman Returns” almost a day ago, as Ray, a billionaire who was incredibly excited about his new flying suit. The way he bonded with Cisco was fun, and it is great to see an expanded team here, with Felicity jumping in to help with the hacking. I do like the regulars – mainly Cisco and Caitlin – but it’s nice to see a broader, enhanced group as well. Barry serving as fifth wheel on the double date wasn’t awkward because of him but much more so because Iris chose that setting to confront Eddie about keeping secrets from her, and it’s a shame that Barry revealing his identity is partially responsible for this. Kudos to Barry for stepping up and defending Eddie, even if it didn’t completely convince Iris. I saw Emily Kinney’s name listed in the opening credits, and wouldn’t have recognized the “Walking Dead” actress otherwise since Brie Larvan barely spoke. Though I’m not sure how it’s possible, I’m thrilled that Cisco is having vivid dreams of his alternate timeline experience being killed by Dr. Wells, and while I’m worried that his life may be in danger, I’m deeply intrigued to see how that continues to play out.

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