Monday, April 20, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Red Road

The Red Road: Season 2, Episode 3 “Intruders” (B+)

The aftermath of last week’s quietly deadly episode is an hour that feels very intimate and close, featuring just a few characters in their very personal interactions. I liked the pairing of Harold and Frank, who was not at all pleased to have to work with someone who he felt was prejudiced against him and his people from the start. Watching the two men punch each other and then continue on was both troubling and entertaining, and they actually did make a decent team even though they weren’t able to stay civil for even a minute, and Frank bringing up Jean’s recent past didn’t help matters. I couldn’t figure out where I recognized Nick Gomez, who played Frank, from, and a quick bit of IMDB research indicates that it’s probably for his two-episode role as a volatile prison inmate who clashed with the group on “The Walking Dead” a few seasons ago. The home invasion was quite intense and also extremely quick, and leave it to Philip to be casually driving by and to decide that ripping a car door off its hinges and using it as a shield against gunfire was the best idea. It did work, and it’s just a shame that Junior sent the perpetrators in the right direction since he didn’t know who they were. Jean battling the historical extent of her affliction was, as always, somewhat cathartic and somewhat of a step back, in this case as it made her question something she had always held to be true.

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