Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What I’m Watching: Orphan Black (Season Premiere)

Orphan Black: Season 3, Episode 1 “The Weight of This Combination” (B+)

It’s a truly impressive thing when a show that started off great continues to evolve and turns itself into something completely different. The introduction of a line of male clones in the season two finale was a big deal, and it could have unraveled what’s best about this show. Instead, the males are being defined as having developed into a much more sinister, vicious brood, so keenly aware of who they are and who the females are that they have been hunting them. I’m already having trouble keeping track of each of them, but I’m very impressed with Ari Millen, who is playing all of them. It’s so interesting to see how Delphine has risen and changed into a power player, swooping in to take charge and pressing down on Rachel’s wounded eye to compel her to give up information. The only casualty is her relationship with Cosima, which is heartbreaking to watch dissipate, but it does give Sarah a considerable advantage. Sarah playing Rachel didn’t end up being funny but instead extremely intense, and she did a good job of reading James Frain’s Ferdinand and playing into what he wanted before nearly choking him to death. I’m amused at the idea of Allison running for class trustee, and look forward to that campaign, which I’m sure that Donnie will be very involved in now that he’s quit his job. The opening scene with the happy barbecue seemed far too bright to be real, and discovering that Helena, who has gone from this show’s top villain to one of its most endearing elements, is trapped in a box is unsettling, and let’s hope that her sisters rescue her soon.

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