Saturday, April 18, 2015

What I’m Watching: iZombie

iZombie: Season 1, Episode 5 “Flight of the Living Dead” (B+)

Who comes up with the episode titles for this show? They’re pretty great. I liked the plot of this episode, featuring the people whose careers are sponsored by an energy drink that contractually obligates them to do stupid things while drinking it. Obviously that would be a bad idea, and it serves as a very interesting and engaging backdrop for the criminal activity going on that led to the murder of Liv and Peyton’s friend Holly. I was pleased to recognize Ryan Hansen of “Party Down” fame as Carson, the dim-witted prime suspect in the case. I did not recognize Summer Bishil, who I interviewed about her first film role in “Towelhead” back in 2008 along with director Alan Ball, as Eliza, the competitive energy drink company employee who ended up being revealed as the killer. It was disconcerting to see Major go up against Blaine’s new zombie deputy when he saw his sneakers and then get pummeled, and let’s hope that he isn’t too badly injured since Liv will not react well to that news. I enjoyed Liz’s response to the casual revelation that she was talking to another zombie and her subsequent contained joy at being thought of as attractive and romantically pursued by the charming Lowell. It’s good for her to have someone in her life who truly understands her, though Ravi tries hard to do so and does a decent job, though I think this could come at the worst possible time now that her former fiancé may be in dire shape.

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