Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What I’m Watching: House of Lies (Season Finale)

House of Lies: Season 4, Episode 12 “It’s a Box Inside a Box Inside a Box, Dipshit” (B+)

I’m not always for devices that manipulate time and logic by presenting events out of chronological order, but this show has employed this to a lesser extent before (I remember it in the season one finale, plus every time Marty freezes time) and it’s worked pretty well. In this case, it made the run-up to Marty’s big rollout of the new Kaan and Associates all the more dramatic. Marty getting hit in the head and nearly passing out was intense, and his subsequent march down the aisle to forcibly escort Currie Graham’s hapless Grant Stevens out of the building emphasized his ridiculous drive for success. Marty does know how to talk, and that’s what’s going to keep his company afloat. The app being bought by Google for hundreds of millions of dollars never seemed likely, but the way that Doug first botched it and Clyde then followed up on it was pretty terrific. Kelsey felt like a stand-in for Jeannie in this episode with her being at the hospital, but I hope that she sticks around in a more legitimate capacity, perhaps as her replacement now that she’s taken another job. Marty showing up at the hospital to hold Jeannie’s hand at the last minute was sweet, but obviously he missed the mark professionally, as she already accepted the offer. Jeremiah’s lecture to Roscoe was pretty powerful, and of course what ended up happening is that Roscoe was the one disappointed with how no lessons were learned when his father managed to make the whole mess go away. I’m relieved and pleased to know that this show, which just had its best year since season one, will indeed be back for another season next year.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Don Cheadle as Marty

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