Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 6, Episode 20 “The Deconstruction” (C)

So, in the end, Alicia resigned even though she did nothing wrong, and it’s as if her entire political plotline was a waste of time. She’s back to legal antics, trying to renegotiate her partnership at the firm she started with two partners who weren’t even part of the initial break and basing everything she did on false information that made her think that Diane was out to get her. I don’t really see the point anymore, since all the infighting is taking away from their able to actually take clients and try cases. And they even decided that it wasn’t worth reinvesting in Alicia because Reese decided that she was a corrupt Chicago politician and he’d be taking his business elsewhere if she was rehired. What a mess. I did enjoy the reunion of two “The Big C” stars, Oliver Platt as Reese and Phyllis Somerville as the woman facing a mandatory minimum sentence for a crime of which she was evidently not guilty. As with Cary’s trial, pretrial services officer Joy wasn’t much help. And then there’s Kalinda, who rather selfishly pinned the blame for turning on Bishop on a patsy and then blew town so that he would presumably killed and Cary would be left to pick up the pieces. Kalinda’s exit has been so drawn out and feels so sudden at the same time, and it’s a shame given that she used to be one of the show’s best and most consistently interesting characters. Josh Charles’ time spent on the show when he knew he was leaving was among his best; why wasn’t Archie Panjabi’s like that?

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