Sunday, April 12, 2015

Round Two: Weird Loners

Weird Loners: Season 1, Episode 2 “Weird Dance” (C+)

This show obviously isn’t meant to be digested literally, but it’s endearing enough overall to be bearable and somewhat worth it, if only for half an hour each week. It makes some sense that Stosh would put his big Florida adventure on his dead uncle’s credit card knowing full well that Eric would pay for the charges without realizing that he had incurred them, but I don’t see why he’d put in all the effort to go down there just to pretend to show Caryn that he cares. It’s evident that he doesn’t care much about his reputation, fully unapologetic about sleeping with other people’s wives and girlfriends and getting caught doing it. Trying to make out with Caryn while she was both eating yogurt and opening up to him was just one example of his inability to be a true human, and therefore his seemingly selfless trip to Florida was puzzling. My wife and mother-in-law, both of who enjoyed the episode much more than I did, immediately recognized Renée Taylor, famous from her role as Fran’s mother on “The Nanny,” by her voice as Caryn’s nana. I get that Zara is a nice person, but pretending to conjure up the spirit of Eric’s father for an entire day reframes her as a separate entity from Eric, much more intelligent and self-aware if still similarly kindhearted. In the pilot, they were kindred spirits, both bonding over being weird, and I’d like to see that continue rather than to see them defined on such different planes.

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