Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Round Two: Daredevil

Daredevil: Season 1, Episode 2 “Cut Man” (B)

I get the feeling that this is exactly the kind of show that was made for Netflix, meant to be watched in one sitting so that it feels like it’s developing at a palatable rate. This is an origin story more than anything, and therefore it will be a while before we see a fully polished Daredevil running around the city. For now, it’s going to have to be a man in black hanging out in a dumpster. The introduction of Rosario Dawson’s Claire was well done because it presented someone who could easily have decided that the masked stranger she found was the one to trust over the cop at her door. I think she’ll prove a formidable addition to the show. It’s impossible to argue with the awesomeness of Matt’s abilities, listening to the footsteps of the corrupt cop and then dropping a fire extinguisher so that it would land right on him. Claire obviously got into it by suggesting somewhere that Matt could use to wound him enough to compel him to give up information but not kill him. I don’t expect that Claire and Karen will get along too well, though she’s doing an admirable job of bonding with one of her bosses. I think it’s useful for Karen to be out of her apartment and out in society, and Foggy could definitely use a friend. I’m eager to see more of the broader story develop outside of just these main characters and to see how the many villains of the city play into the grander tale.

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