Thursday, April 23, 2015

What I’m Watching: Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley: Season 2, Episode 2 “Runaway Devaluation” (B+)

It’s impressive to see just how far Pied Piper has fallen after it was on such a high to the point that Richard had to negotiate the terms he was offered down in order to lower expectations. Now, they have nowhere to go, and Erlich did such a stupendous job alienating everyone with his insulting demeanor that no one has any interest in even considering the idea of working with them. It seemed that after a number of botched meetings, the last one might actually go well with Richard and Erlich going in with the right attitude and apologizing right off the bat, but it so happened that the guy they were meeting with was more interested in putting his testicles on the table since Erlich did it the week before. Jared’s lead also proved to be unhelpful since it was just someone trying to steal the science behind Pied Piper, yet another threat to their success. Gavin contacting Richard and meeting up with him was a twist, and I love that we don’t know what Richard was going to say because the mariachi band showed up and starting playing awkwardly over the entire end credits. Monica being told to dress unattractively was entertaining, especially since her new boss had a specific outfit in mind, and I enjoyed hearing Ben Feldman’s Ron basically telling Richard that he’s a terrible lawyer. Dinesh’s cool cousin made a truly stupid app in Bro, and it seems like Gilfoyle’s eternal desire to make Dinesh’s life miserable may have just cost them both a lot of money.

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