Saturday, April 13, 2019

Round Two: Abby’s

Abby’s: Season 1, Episode 2 “Rule Change” (B)

I was under no illusions when I watched the first episode of this show that it was going to be a great, boundary-pushing comedy, but I see it instead as among the decent number of relatively standard sitcoms that I’ve come to enjoy over the past decade and a half which have been quickly cancelled because they just don’t measure up to some of the more innovative current comedy on television. I’m still happy to see Natalie Morales in a lead role like this, and I enjoy the energy she has, which in this case is pretty negative and intimidating yet still somehow unifying for those who spend most of their waking hours at her bar. I like that Bill’s efforts to make some positive changes led to him advocating for a rule change and prompting a vote on who the top patrons preferred. James did get some funny lines, like describing Clue as a murder game where white people never go to jail and how his feet want to drive convertibles in California. Skip voting by taking off his sock was a productive use of a character who seems the most unrealistic on a show that’s already somewhat difficult to take seriously, and I think I’m warming most to Fred, who told Bill that he was going to ruin everything for him and then gave Abby a pep talk about giving Bill a win, though definitely not in the bocce game where she crushed him 21-0. Bill asking James if it was possible that he couldn’t do or teach was funny, and I’m game for more of this show.

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